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It Just Keeps Getting Better!

From Prepping Courses, to Giveaways, to the Private Group & Webinars, There Is Always Something New Happening Here at the B.O.L.

Prepping Courses: We already have several introductory prepping courses here at the B.O.L. We plan to create more that expand on the basics as you advance through preparedness.
Exclusive Prepping Community: Members of the B.O.L. get access to the growing preparedness group to interact and learn & discuss prepping with other members.
Weekly Updates: From weekly live videos to periodic webinars & articles, there’s always something new to look forward to at the B.O.L.
Prepping Resources: We have an ever growing list of prepping and survival resources like audio files, PDF’s and Word documents.
Legacy Food Storage: Bulk up your long-term food storage quickly, and do it without breaking the bank. All members get discount prices.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Around ten years ago, we created the first version of this website called The Survivalist Prepper Academy. Because I was new to the website-building game, it became very cluttered and hard to navigate.

That's when I decided to build a new website called The Bug Out Location. While that membership website is much better than the original, it's time to upgrade everything from the ground up.

This means new courses, videos, and a new approach, making it more interactive, exciting, and engaging. The BOL 3.0 is not just for the beginning prepper but for everyone, regardless of where you are in your preparedness journey.

While you may have to wait when we are working on new prepping courses, you will have full access once they are finished. 

Some websites make you wait a certain amount of time until some content "unlocks"; we don't do that here. We want to make sure everyone is aware of what the new content is, & make The Bug Out Location worth sticking around for, and give you access to everything immediately.

Yes, anyone who is an existing member of The Bug Out Location 2.0 will still have access to that content and the content here. While we have moved some of that content here, that website will no longer be updated.

While we have several introductory prepping courses, the B.O.L. has something to offer everyone. Our weekly live videos not only cover the basics, but the "next level prepping," as we call it. These videos talk more about WHY we should be preparing rather than WHAT we need.

As The Bug Out Location grows, so will the course structure. Eventually, there will be entry-level courses up to more advanced courses.

We also have several resources and downloads to help with inventory, rotation, and worksheets to help you build a good preparedness plan.

And don't forget about the private preparedness group, which has new preppers, seasoned preppers, and everyone in between. It's a great way to network, get advice, or just shoot the breeze.

We don't offer coaching sessions per se, but if you ever want to jump on a call, I'd be glad to. While we can't outline a specific preparedness plan you should follow, we can give you advice and tips on the best action for your needs.

Everyone is different, and contrary to popular belief, there is no "prepping blueprint."

At some point, we will also have group meetings where a handful of members can join in and share their successes and failures.

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