When it comes to communications and prepping, we tend to think about 2 way radios and intelligence gathering. While both of these are important, they are only part of a good preparedness communication plan.

Communications starts with family planning, and being ready for whatever disaster that might come your way.

This week Lisa and I were on The Changing Earth Podcast with Sara Hathaway and decided to make this a simulcast and share the interview with Survivalist Prepper listeners as well.

Topics From The Show…

Family Practice and Planning: One aspect of communications that gets overlooked sometimes is communicating with our family and making sure everyone is on the same page.

We talked about putting together preparedness binders, and making sure everyone (prepper or not) understands what to do in a disaster scenario.

Disaster Dependent Comms: Your communication needs will be different depending on they type of disaster you are facing. Small scale disaster communication needs will be different that the long-term SHTF scenarios.

In a short term disaster we may need to act quickly, therefor shortwave radios and family planning and communication will be important. In a longer term event 2 way radios and group organization will be a bigger issue.

Intelligence Gathering: Paying attention to what’s going on around us will not only be important in a SHTF scenario, it’s important today. The more information we have, the better our chances will be.

Today intelligence gathering means paying attention to current events and threats that we may face. In a SHTF type scenario intelligence gathering could include recon missions, sentry’s or lookouts, group coordination, and many other things.

Survival Groups and Communications: We briefly covered why putting together a prepping group is a bit of a challenge, and even how a prepping group doesn’t have the be something we put together right now.

Going the lone wolf route is never a good idea, and teaming up with others will increase your chances of survival. In most disasters it will be human nature to find like minded people.

2 Way Radios: We went into quite a bit of detail about 2 way radios and what the best types of radios may fit your needs. Ham radio is what everyone in the preparedness community talks about, but it may not be the best for you.

We covered the different radio types like GMRS, FRS, MURS and even CB radio. I have an article that goes into much more detail titled “Ham Radio For Preppers. This article explains what you can expect from each of these radio services.

More From Sara

If you don’t already listen to The Changing Earth Podcast make sure and check it out. Sara has some great guests on her show every week, and her books series is fantastic.

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