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With Brand New Prepping Courses, A Community And Tools To Help You Along In Preparedness. Whether You Are Just Beginning Or You've Been Prepping For A While, There's Something Here For Everyone.

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The Best Way to Protect Your Family is By Being Prepared

Not only is Legacy Premium the best value in food storage, but it is also the best tasting and most nutritious. 

Your family will be grateful and your taste buds will thank you!

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Whether you're looking for a t-shirt to wear while practicing your survival skills in the great outdoors, or simply want to show your support for the prepping community, our online store has you covered.

We are currently working on additional designs. If you have any ideas, let us know. 

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Disaster & SHTF Prepping

Disaster & SHTF Prepping

Preparing for disasters begins at home, but it doesn't end there. We need to be prepared to evacuate or return…

Disaster Communications

Disaster Communications

Everything from ham radio and information gathering to family communications.

Prepping 101

Prepping 101

Walk thought the fundamentals of preparedness and formulate a great gameplan.

30 Days to Preparedness

30 Days to Preparedness

This course will introduce you to the concept of preparedness, its importance, and the mindset required for effective readiness. You…

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